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Home of Wireless Solutions for the Travelling Jew

Shamash-KRDB Sample Screen Animation is dedicated to helping the Jewish community locate resources when travelling or at home. These services are available through the following mechanisms:

  • PalmOS device equipped with a wireless modem (Palm VII or Palm V/Omnisky)
  • WAP/WML-capable cell-phone (coming soon)
  • AvantGo channel (coming soon)

Current Solutions

Shul Finder Shul Finder Icon

  • Search synagogue listings within the United States. Databases based upon OU, Aish HaTorah, Young Israel and Chabad listings.
  • Add synagogues to the database


  • Search the Shamash Kosher Restaurant Database from your wireless device or compatible-PDA.
  • Add a restaurant to the Shamash database
  • More up-to-date than other pocket Kosher databases
Download version 1.01 of Shul Finder for your PQA/WCA-compatible device today! Changes can be found here. Download version 1.0 of the Shamash-KRDB for your PQA/WCA-compatible device today!

Do a Mitzvah!

There are three ways that you can do a mitzvah related to these applications.

  1. If you find these application services useful, please let others know.
  2. Contact the author if you have any suggestions for improvements or problems using these services.
  3. Sending $18 for the rebuilding of the Young Israel - Ezras Israel of Potomac synagogue which burned down in February of 2000. You can find out more at Send your tax-deductible donations to:
YIEIP - Building Fund
12216 Greenleaf Ave.
Potomac, MD 20854

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