Changes to Shul Finder

This table lists the changes to Shul Finder since it was launched on August 1, 2000. The table is in reverse date order

Date Module Version Change
08/21/00 Web-Clipping Search Results (WWW) N/A
  • Corrected a problem when requesting additional records using zip code after viewing the first page of a partial search.
  • Added warning when non-Palm VII users performed an AutoFind operation. For example, the Omnisky does not deliver a valid zip code when making a request.
08/11/00 Web-Clipping Search Results (WWW) N/A
  • Added indication of how many records meet search criteria.
  • Added option for showing next (N) matching records
08/9/00 Web-Clipping Search Results (WWW) N/A
  • Improved contents of history feature.
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