My Background

I have been studying Yoga for about 5 years now and it has been wonderful for me! Traditionaly a stiff fellow, I now have remarkably improved flexibility. Yoga helps me relax and focus. I try to begin and end my days with a short practice. I think I have averted my fate of becoming a prematurely bent over old man, however I have a long way to go!

Yoga helped me overcome a terribly painfull back injury which my Doctor told me was (thankfully) not bad enough for surgery. She told me that most Americans suffered from back pain but offered no further assistance. Out of desperation I sought out a Chiropractor who helped explain what I likely did to injure myself and provided exercises I could perform to help me heal myself. Days I did the exercises my back felt a little better, days I skipped the exercises my back felt much worse. Turns out the exercises were yoga... My chiropractor was always dissapointed that try as she might, she could not 'crack' my back in a twist. My back now sponteneously cracks if I stand up from sitting for a while and thankfully I rarely suffer from back pain, when I do I often know an asana which helps.

My Teachers

I have studied with a number of instructors (I recommend them all):

Yoga References and Books

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