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I love books and love to talk about them. If you see something here you would like to chat about email me! (Actualy if you wind up here following a link in a search engine, let me know, too!)

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Recent reads I have enjoyed:

Some books I have recently read that may be worth checking out:

Some favorites:

Clock Making:

Lately I have been interested in clock making:

Technical Audio books:

Image synthesis books:

Robotics books:

Seattle books:

Programming books:

Yoga books recommended by my teachers:

More later...

Maybe we could start an online discussion about some of these books. In general I don't read books I think I will agree with. Rather I read to challenge my own ideas. Nothing I like better than reading an interesting book then discussing it with folk. Let me know what you think about these books, and maybe I will find a way to get comments added online!

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