Welcome to the Unisys CWD Surplus info Page!

This is just the roughest start on a repository of information on the cool, tiny, Unisys CWD workstations which just appeared on the surplus market.

Since a number of people have acquired these machines and are all searching for the same information I have setup this web page to pass on what I and others have learned.

I purchased mine from Halted Specialties a great surplus electronics house in Sunnyvale, CA (my ex-home). Alas, they sold out very quickly and don't anticipate receiving more!

The machine has interesting features:

My machine came with a 486 DX2/33, but others have put faster CPUs in these machines. (more details to come)

These machines have run WIN95 with stock drivers, and have been reported to run LINUX as well. I plan to run LINUX diskless on this machine, with a local swap disk, and boot it off the network.

One big issue for these machines is where to find floppy drives for them. The machines actually take a tiny laptop form factor floppy:

Sources for CWD machines:

Sources for Memory and CPUs:

A 1995 CWD Press Release from Unisys.

Thanks to the following folk for help/input/information:

Other Information online:

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