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Unisys PC Program Moves Into High-gear

High Performance Diskless Workstation Announced

San Jose, CA - June 21, 1995 - Unisys Corporation today announced shipment of the latest Unisys PW2 Advantage Series CWD system, the company's first-to-market slim profile, diskless system. Joining the Intel i486 DX2 50 MHz and 66 MHz CWD models announced earlier this year, the newest CWD workstation adds 100 MHz Intel i486 DX4 processing power, further maximizing operational efficiency for high-volume OLTP applications. In addition to high- performance processing, CWD systems feature built-in SVGA graphics and Ethernet in a compact 8.5-inch x 11-inch x 2-inch form factor ideal for space-constrained environments.

For Western Pacific Airlines, the Unisys CWD workstation is the workstation of choice at all Western Pacific reservation and boarding areas served by this fast-growing airline. To cut costs and improve service, business travelers simply make reservations by phone. Travelers are then processed at the gate before boarding the aircraft. For an airline devoted to customer service, the Unisys CWD workstations provide an essential combination of processing power, to speed customer transactions, and compact size, fitting easily in limited space at reservation and boarding areas.

"We wanted PC power and the familiar Microsoft Windows user environment for our ReserVision real-time passenger system, but could not find a small enough system with sufficient processing power to fit the cramped kiosks provided at the gates," said Robert Hornberg, director, information technologies design for Western Pacific Airlines. "The Unisys CWD workstations were a life saver. They provide great performance in a remarkably small system - with a footprint not much bigger than a notebook."

"We're very pleased that customers like Western Pacific Airlines are recognizing the benefits of Unisys foresight in delivering products that solve a problems - such as the very limited space in customer service areas," said Vaughn G. Hysinger, vice president of marketing operations, Unisys Personal Computer Division. "The CWD transaction workstation is a truly unique product that no PC vendor offers today," Hysinger added. "It exemplifies Unisys continuing commitment to providing not just industry-leading products, but complete, common-sense solutions to business problems."

The Unisys PW2 Advantage Series CWD

Cost-effective diskless workstation for high-volume OLTP applications

The highly compact CWD workstation provides a generous 4 MB to 64 MB of memory to support the most sophisticated applications. Equipped with built-in 10 BaseT Ethernet, the CWD also provides convenient access to remote, server-based data and applications, and supports remote program load (RPL) for system start-up, eliminating the need for local mass storage. With accelerated local-bus video, one ISA slot for peripheral expansion and integrated serial, mouse, keyboard and parallel ports, the CWD packs all essential desktop workstation features into a client workstation ideal for dumb terminal replacement. For customers seeking local disk storage for improved performance or expanded local storage, either 350 or 530 MB of hard disk and/or a floppy disk drive can be added.

Finally, the CWD supports all popular client environments, including Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, IBM OS/2, Windows NT Client and SCO Open Desktop, enabling customers to easily integrate the system within their existing client/server infrastructure.

The Unisys PC Program

Complete Family Of Mobile, Desktop And Server Systems

In less than one year, Unisys has introduced a complete line of mobile notebook and subnotebook computers; implemented new, high-performance processor and bus architectures for its entire desktop family; and brought to market a comprehensive family of high-performance super servers, including symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) and fault-resilient models.

Shipments in 1994 rose 85 percent over the previous year, generating hardware and software revenues in excess of $750 million. Unisys rapid rise in the PC market was recently underscored by the fact that Unisys ranking rose from number 26 to number 19 on International Data Corporation's Top 50 list of PC vendors based on the revenue value of its PC shipments.

"The broad expansion and technology refreshment of our PC product family demonstrates Unisys commitment to becoming a major force in the PC industry," said Jim Unruh, Unisys chairman and chief executive officer. "This focus on a strong and broad PC product set in the commercial PC markets is instrumental to maintaining Unisys partnership with its customers," Unruh added.

Price and Availability

Available now, the compact CWD diskless workstation models are priced from $670 to $1,500. The CWD is available in quantities of one or in master-packs of ten or 100 units. For further information and the location of the nearest Unisys sales office, customers may call toll free 1-800-448-1424, prompt 4, or 716-924-0480 (ask for PC Connect) between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. E.S.T., Monday through Friday. International inquiries can be accommodated through the local Unisys subsidiary or distributor.

Unisys Corporation

Unisys Corporation is a leading information management company with more than 60,000 customers in more than 100 countries. The company is a major supplier of information services and technology to financial services, government, telecommunications, transportation, health care management and other commercial markets. Further information is available through the Unisys home page on the World Wide Web at:

Unisys Client/Server Systems Integrated Business Unit (IBU)

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Unisys Client/Server Systems IBU is focused on providing a complete range of hardware platforms, software tools and services required to quickly and effectively implement enterprise-wide client server solutions. These include personal computers, powerful scalable SMP servers, a wide range of operating systems and user interface environments, open interoperability, system management and connectivity solutions, development tools and support services delivered through Unisys sales, service and support organizations worldwide.

Personal Computer Division (PCD)

A part of the Client/Server Systems Integrated Business Unit, the Personal Computer Division is chartered to bring mobile, desktop and PC server products to government and commercial organizations worldwide. PCD applies stringent quality standards to hardware and qualifies virtually all industry-pervasive software operating environments for Unisys PC platforms. PCD's mission is to provide optimized client/server computing solutions to PC customers worldwide.

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