This is the Streaming Media test page

updated 9/10

using the EZ-Cleaner Codec [length= about 11seconds]

Real Download

Snip1 94.2kb     Small

Snip2 196kb     Medium

Snip3 449kb     Large

Real Streaming     (Focus on Video Motion)

Snip4 35.8kb     28.8 modem

Snip5 33.1kb     56k modem

Snip6 93.3kb     Dual ISDN

Snip7 127kb     LAN/Broadband

(Focus on Audio)

Snip8     28.8 modem

Snip9     56k modem

Snip10     Dual ISDN

updated 8/25

Real Player

Test1 75X30     Advanced Real Plugin

Test2 160x106     Advanced Real Plugin

Test3 176X144 QCIF     Advanced Real Plugin

Windows Media Player

Test4 176X144 QCIF *wmv*     Advanced WM Plugin

Test5 176X144 QCIF *mpeg*     LSX-Mpeg Export Plugin