I just opened the Microsoft TV Photo Viewer TigerDirect.com included for free with my last order. These can be purchased new online for $20 and less on Ebay. Anybody interested in hacking these devices?

The Zilog Z180 isn't going to run our favorite OS (pity they didn't use a dragonball) however these boxes are tiny, cheap, and provides what seems to be reasonable quality video plus has a floppy interface. Should be easy (straightforward) to hack.


Looks like they provided the option to use a crystal instead of crystal oscillator since there is a place for an additional crystal, some caps, and a 16pin DIP near the CPU.

My Canon LiDE30 doesn't have enough depth of focus to scan this board, consequently I will post a photo of the board once I capture a decent image.

Please email me if you have hacked this device and have any information to add. I am especially looking for someone with a Z180 dissasembler to try dissasembling the ROM. Perhaps we should pop the ROM out of the board and capture its contents first.