Ken's Bicycle Page

Well, I have been bicycling for many years. I started as a child, but later it became a form of independence for a youngster who lived out in the countryside; either rely on others to get to town and visit friends, or get there yourself!

I took my bicycle to classes in college, and now have been bicycle commuting to work for years. First in the San Francisco Bay area, and now in the Seattle area.

I think I have been slowly getting more and more serious about cycling. I have joined the Cascade Bicycle club and begun riding organized rides including the Seattle to Portland Double Century (STP).

I have my Torpado restored Italian racer back and assembled. Check it out, and please tell me what you know about these bikes!

To give something back to the community I will describe my inexpensive, space saving bicycle service stand using a set of commercial jaws and a few dollars (Literaly!) of parts from the hardware store.

Please checkout the bicycle related parts I have forsale! (not much up yet, but keep watching)

Please let me know if anything here is interesting to you.

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