Ken's 8051 Page

I have been using the 8051 off and on for years after Steve Ciarcia first introduced me to them in his Circuit Cellar column in Byte magazine. (you may now read Steve in his Circuit Cellar Ink magazine which he started after leaving Byte)

I have a number of ongoing 8051 based projects, in various states of completion which I would love to share with the 'net community:

I have been using a copy of Dave Dunfield's MICRO-C, which I ported to UNIX, for the past few years after I decided to use high level languages exclusively on microcontrollers, and to optimize for space and speed using inline assembly. I highly recomend Dave's product! However I have learned some tricks the hard way. Perhaps I will write these up soon.

Please email me and let me know what materials I should put online, first, and if you would like to help developing the project.

Coming up with a reasonable Copywrite message is one thing holding me back from posting source code. Possibly I should adopt the GNU Copyleft? This feels a bit restrictive for embedded systems. What do you think?